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XMas Bruchsal (Image strip with 5 images)

Visiting Jan, Ingrid, Claire and Sophie on the second christmas day. It was warm enough to go outside to the playground, to which Sophie took here new camera. Good spirit picking up this hobby, hope she sticks with it:-)


XMas Waldshut (Image strip with 10 images)

With my parents and my sister, for a traditional family christmas eve and morning. Following the American tradition, we don't open our presents until after breakfast on December 25th.


Weinwinter (30 images in 3 chapters)

This early December weekend, Frank and me went to the Weinwinter. We'd been to the small town of Birkweiler in the Palatinate region before to enjoy wine and hiking - this winter event was new though.



Berlin, fall 2015 (96 images in 4 chapters)

I'd decided to visit my cousin Felix and his girlfriend Dörthe in Berlin. I arrived on Friday and gave a slideshow of my world trip. On Saturday, while they were preparing for the party in the evening, I set out and walked around Märkisches Ufer, the Fernsehturm, along the Stadtbahn-Bögen and over to museum island. Later in the afternoon, I took a subway out to Bornholmer Straße and the Mauerpark.



Empire State Building (Featured image)

Seen from our hotel, the Wyndham Garden Chinatown.



Planet Express (Collection of 14)

Some day in the beginning of July, Frank and me had the spontaneous idea to travel once around the world: Hand baggage only, two weeks, four cities - something we call a "Schnapsidee" in German (although we didn't have any schnaps until after thinking of the plan). Our friends, coworkers and families all said we're crazy...

A couple of weeks later, we had everything settled. Our route: Karlsruhe - Hong Kong - Tokyo - San Francisco - New York - Karlsruhe. On Thursday evening, we took the train to Frankfurt, from where our plane was about to leave. With us: Our escort monster, made by my sister Sarah. Frank also has some pictures online over here.


Waldshut, 2015 (28 images in 2 chapters)

Visiting my parents at their place in Waldshut to celebrate their birthdays with them, my sister Sarah and her boyfriend Patrick.


Underground construction (Featured image)

Construction work at the escalator at Wilmersdorfer Straße


Schluchsee (40 images in 6 chapters)

Up at the Schluchsee reservoir for a walk (from the dam to the "Unterkrummenhof", a restaurant place about 5 km along the lakeshore)- and a swim - with my parents.


Berlin 2015 (Collection of 3)

I took a long weekend to visit friends and family in Berlin. Sven and his family live in a suburb to the southeast of Berlin called Köpenick. I spent Saturday morning and afternoon with them and toured the nice downtown area while they were out doing errands. On Sunday, I met up with my cousin Felix and his girlfriend Dörthe and went for some urban exploration.



Beer garden (Featured image)

This summer has been extremely hot in Germany. Perfect conditions for sitting outside in one of the many beer gardens, though!


Frau Doktor (Image strip with 5 images)

Celebrating Yvonne successfully finishing here disseration.


Independence day BBQ (Image strip with 8 images)

At Mike and Chris' house in Hagenbach for a BBQ in honour of this American holiday. Mike, a fellow American with dual citizenship, had decorated the place with all kinds of patriotic decoration, and had ordered American beer and sodas.



Stegwiesen (Featured image)

On my way home from the S-Bahn stop Bruchsal Stegwiesen on a warm summer night.


Family meetup in Bruchsal (14 images in 2 chapters)

Meeting up with my parents and my brother and his family in Bruchsal, and out for a walk around the Bruchsal Schloss.


Axel & Kerstin's BBQ (13 images in 2 chapters)

Up at their place in Palmbach with Yvonne, Basti, Tanja, Isabelle, Frank, Alex, Marie, Gunnar and Axel and Kerstin's families and friends.


Negroni week 2015 (53 images in 5 chapters)

At Sven's liquor store, Nick & Nora - Spirituosen. Sven had invited me to take pictures of the event.



Weinfrühling 2015 (21 images in 5 chapters)

Out in Birkweiler for their traditional Weinfrühling. Last time we were there was back in 2012, this year only Frank and me went.


Isabelle's birthday (19 images in 3 chapters)

With Alex, Kerstin, Basti, Tanja, Haba, Schröder, Frank, Liv, Nicoletta, Rebecca, Michel and Isabelle.


House at the lake (Featured image)

Taken from the train, about half-way between Geneva and Lausanne.


Geneva (57 images in 4 chapters)

On Saturday, Sarah and me took the train to Geneva (about half an hour's trip from Lausanne). On the top of the Salève ridge, up to which we took the cable car, one has a really good view of the city. The weather wasn't terrific but at least it stayed more or less dry.


Rolex Learning Center (25 images in 2 chapters)

On the long weekend over May 1st (a national Holiday in Germany), I went to visit my sister Sarah and her boyfriend Patrick in Lausanne. They both work at the EPFL, which is where the Rolex Learning Center is situated. The building has no single straight line on its inside or outside, which made it an interesting place for taking pictures.



Sophie's birthday (Image strip with 12 images)

In Bruchsal with my Jan, Ingrid, Sophie, Claire and family. Sophie's present was a little red car she's been admiring in the toy store for the past one and a half years.


Basti's birthday (Image strip with 5 images)

With Tanja, Basti, Frank, Nicoletta, Liv, Anna, Igge, Axel and Kerstin, again in the Kap.


Pillar (Featured image)

Taken from under the pedestrian bidge spanning the Karlsruhe zoo.


Easter (31 images in 3 chapters)

On this easter weekend, my parents came to visit us in Karlsruhe and Bruchsal, and we took the girls to the Karlsruhe zoo. They've done a lot of rebuilding and modernization recently. Adding rentable handcarts for kids to sit in is one of their great ideas.


Yvonne's birthday (12 images in 2 chapters)

In the Kap together with Tanja, Basti, Anke, Frank, Habba, Kerstin and Yvonne.



Wine tasting (Image strip with 10 images)

Christian invited us to a wine tasting with several Spanish and Portuguese red wines. In the end, he decided based on our feedback to add two of them to the Kap's wine menu.


Sin City lighting (Featured image)

At the Messe Karlsruhe, the sharp contrast of the inner, illuminated part of these huge lamps with the ceiling they're attached to fascinated me.



Ax men - die Holzfäller (Image strip with 5 images)

Cutting down the last and biggest of seven trees in Alex and Marie's back yard.


Blupp! (Featured image)

Taken in the Sea Life Speyer using my Fish eye lens (pun intended:)). It was quite full that day, so there wasn't time for more pictures like back when we went to visit the Monterey Bay aquarium.


Three generation walk (Image strip with 5 images)

We met up with the family over a weekend in Bruchsal. On this sunny but cold Saturday afternoon, we went for a small loop from the house to the train station and back through the pedestrian zone and the Schloss.



Echtdampf (26 images in 1 chapters)

This weekend, I met up with Jan, Ingrid, Sophie and Claire and we went to the Echtdampf-Hallentreffen to look at the trains.


Flens (Featured image)

Out for a beer in the iuno, a pub around the corner from where I live.