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Heat (Featured image)

Sending out some warm thoughts. Have a good start into 2017!


Christmas walk (Image strip with 7 images)

Walking along the Rhine river on christmas day with my parents, watching the sun go down. This year we had a quiet christmas, only the three of us, my siblings staying with their respective families.


Fog (Featured image)

View from my office out onto the intersection of Brauerstraße and Südendstraße in Karlsruhe.


East Side Gallery (50 images in 4 chapters)

After lunch, I went out on tour of the East Side Gallery, a roughly 1,5 km long section of the Berlin Wall, painted by artists in 1990. It was freezing cold outside, so when I finally got back to the end of the display, I was happy to get my hands wrapped around a hot cup of coffee.


Tempelhof (73 images in 3 chapters)

On a guided tour through the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin together with Felix, Dörthe and friends of theirs. The former airport has an impressive and extensive underground world with a morbid charm to it - definitely worth a visit!



Cold November walk (Image strip with 5 images)

Out for a walk with my parents, my sister and her son during a foggy and cold late November Saturday in Remetschwiel, where we had rented a place to get together for our traditional Thanksgiving family weekend.


Luisenstraße-Gin (Featured image)

Last year, Sarah had given me a gin kit for christmas. With our family Thanksgiving coming up, I decided to give it a try and created my first own gin - the "Luisenstraße-Gin", named after the street my place is located at as there already is a gin nicknamed Südstadt-Gin; the area in Karlsruhe I live in.



Michaelsberg (Image strip with 9 images)

On an afternoon outing to the Michaelsberg with Sophie, Claire and Jan . Beautiful late fall colors, warm sun, and lots of space for the kids to run around!


Sinsheim (60 images in 4 chapters)

On a sunny mid-October Sunday, Gunnar, Frank and me went to the Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim. I was most impressed by the Concorde and Tupolev, which you can walk inside: These planes were so cramped!


dotGo 2016 (Image strip with 8 images)

At the dot.go 2016 with Igor, Frank and Alex. This was the first-ever technical conference I ever attended - with a great venue (the Théâtre de Paris), being well-organized, with high-level talks and a fun time with the guys.


Spielplatz (Image strip with 6 images)

On a "girls and guys" trip with my brother Jan and his daughters Sophie and Claire to an adventure playground next to where I live on a beautifully warm early October Sunday.



Photokina (45 images in 5 chapters)

On a warm and Sunny late-summer Sunday, I took the train to visit the Photokina trade fair. When I arrived in Cologne, I decided to walk across the Hohenzollern bridge instead of taking the S-Bahn to the "Köln Messe/Deutz" stop. The fair was a bit overwhelming with all the technology and broad variety of products and accessories. There were however also talks on photography itself, which I enjoyed: Why was this picture taken? What caught the photographer's eye? Why is its imperfection perfect?



Bierbörse (Featured image)

At the Karlsruher Schloss on a hot summer day.



Lausanne (Collection of 4)

Back in march, my sister and her partner Patrick started their family with the birth of their son Matti. To celebrate this, they'd invited friends and family to visit and spend time with them. I decided to travel to Lausanne Tuesday after work and stayed until Sunday.


Bahnhofsfest Bad Herrenalb (17 images in 4 chapters)

This weekend, Jan, me and the girls headed up to Bad Herrenalb on a steam train to visit the Bahnhofsfest. The train ride was exciting for the kids, especially being to stick out their heads while the train was moving. Once we got to Bad Herrenalb, we were all in desperate need for some ice cream!



Red, white and yellow (Featured image)

Cars parked in an underpass in Karlsruhe.



Hamburg (210 images in 8 chapters)

I stopped over in Hamburg for a day before returning back home. When I arrived there on Saturday evening, I looked into a beautiful sunday from the Empire Riverside's roof top bar "20up". Unfortunately, the next morning started with a light drizzle - a taste of Hamburg's "Schietwetter", but it wasn't going to stop me from my urban exploration: My tour took me through St. Pauli, across the Reeperbahn, Schanzenviertel, Planten un Blomen, Hauptbahnhof, Speicherstadt, past the Landungsbrücken, through the old Elbe tunnel and finally a small loop through the Karolinenviertel.


Laboe (23 images in 4 chapters)

On my way back from Denmark, I visited Olli in Kiel. I got there in the early afternoon and with the nice weather, we decided to drive out to the Laboe beach and watch the kiters.


Sønderborg (113 images in 4 chapters)

My friend Mike and his fiancé Chris decided to get married in Sønderborg in Southern Denmark. We were a very small party of only five: Mike, Chris, her daughter Anna and her sister Maria and finally me in a double role as best man and wedding photographer.


Marseille (241 images in 5 chapters)

Frank and me decided to go on a weekend trip to Marseille. There is a direct TGV connection from Karlsruhe that takes you there in 6 and a half hours. We got out of work early on Friday and got there late in the evening. On Saturday, we explored the downtown area and climbed up the hill to the Notre-Dame de la Garde, from which you have an awesome view of the entire city. Later in the day, we sat down with some beers in the warm evening sun at the harborside. On Sunday, we toured the parts of the city we hadn't seen yet, and took the train back to Karlsruhe in the early afternoon.


Weinfrühling (Image strip with 4 images)

On this warm and sunny May Sunday, Frank and me visited the Birkweiler Weinfrühling. Last year, I took some more pictures.



Cityscape (Featured image)

Originally taken in Melbourne during my Sunday exploration of the South Warf area.


Hello Matti (34 images in 3 chapters)

Visting my sister Sarah and her partner Patrick to get to meet Matti, their first child and my first nephew. We went hiking near the town of Lucens that Saturday afternoon. In the evening, we exchanged what's going on in our respective lives - my vacation and them being parents - both exciting new experiences!



Hop on, hop off (Collection of 18)

Seeking to escape the cold and rainy weather in Germany, I found an offer by Emirates Airways called "Hop on, hop off": A flight from Frankfurt via Dubai, Bangkok and Sydney to Auckland, and back via Christchurch, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur and again Dubai; and you hop on and off whereever you want. I'd already decided to go to Australia before, and to do a stopover or two, but their offer totally nailed it. I decided to visit Bangkok and Sydney, to drive through Southern Australia towards Melbourne, and to stop over in Kuala Lumpur on the way back. It was an awesome adventure!


AugenhöheWege Premiere (Image strip with 3 images)

Together with a couple of colleagues, we set up an event for the premiere of AugenhöheWege, a crowdfunded movie about the future of working. On Friday evening, we watched the movie together with more than 180 guests; followed by inspiring discussions. The movie is available online for free in the meantime; there are two versions - orange and white.



15 kV (Featured image)

Overhead lines on the three-track section near Bruchsal, where Jan, Ingrid, Sophie and Claire live. Originally taken over christmas while visiting my brother and his family there.



Docteur Sarah (46 images in 5 chapters)

Me and my parents visited my sister's public defense at the EPFL in Lausanne. With a few hours to kill before the event and almost spring-like weather outside, we decided to walk alongside Lake Geneva's shore from downtown to the university campus.


Low water (Featured image)

At the Rhine river in Waldshut. Originally taken on christmas day.