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Aug 2015

Collection: Planet Express

Some day in the beginning of July, Frank and me had the spontaneous idea to travel once around the world: Hand baggage only, two weeks, four cities - something we call a "Schnapsidee" in German (although we didn't have any schnaps until after thinking of the plan). Our friends, coworkers and families all said we're crazy...

A couple of weeks later, we had everything settled. Our route: Karlsruhe - Hong Kong - Tokyo - San Francisco - New York - Karlsruhe. On Thursday evening, we took the train to Frankfurt, from where our plane was about to leave. With us: Our escort monster, made by my sister Sarah. Frank also has some pictures online over here.

28 Aug: Hong Kong, Friday

We arrived after a 12 hour flight from Frankfurt around 4 o'clock in the afternoon. We took the Airport Express to Kowloon station and walked from there to the Hotel. After freshening up we went out for a walk down Nathan road to the waterfront to catch a view of the Skyline and the light show. We got something to eat in a restaurant without any tourists inside - a motto we followed througout the trip!


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29 Aug: Hong Kong, Saturday

Our second day started out by walking towards the Star Ferry Pier, where we set over to Hong Kong Island and started our Bus tour. We walked around the Mid-Levels, took the funicular up to Victoria Peak and gazed across the harbor and Kowloon. In the evening, we went out to have some Dim Sum and strolled across some night markets.


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30 Aug: Hong Kong, Sunday

On Sunday, we started our day with a harbor tour. After that, we headed for the Central and Mid-Level escalators: This area ist just so colorful, lively and full of interesting things to see that we had to go there again. We stayed there for food and drinks, and stayed at an Irish pub until late, chatting away with fellow travellers.


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31 Aug: Hong Kong, Monday

Our last in day in Hong Kong lead us to the monastery at Ngong Ping, which can be reached by MTR and a cable car. In the afternoon, we went over to Hong Kong island once more, breathing in the busy flair of the Wan Chain District.


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02 Sep: Tokyo, Wednesday

Tuesday morning, we boarded a plane for Tokyo. After a small delay and a largely uneventful flight, the landing in Haneda had to be aborted and we went around for a second (and then successful) try.

The next day, we got up and walked to the Imperial Palace, watched the Shinkansen traffic at main station and hopped on a bus tour which leads us to the Sky tower and towards Ueno, from where we walked back through the Nihonbashi district towards our hotel situated near Hamamatsuchō station. In the evening, we headed for a non-touristy-looking place and after ordering by pointing at the menu, smiling and nodding, were rewarded by tasty local food and some lessions in Sake.


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03 Sep: Tokyo, Thursday

Our second day started at the Tokyo Tower. We hopped on the bus again and took a tour of the harbor area. After that, we continued to Shibuya, and crossed the world famous scramble crossing there. Getting back to the hotel started with a glimpse of what can happen when there is no English signage - the moment of "lost in translation" in front of the huge metro map until we found out which direction to go and what it would cost.


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04 Sep: Tokyo, Friday

We spent this half day walking around the vicinity of Shimbashi station, where we finally found some souvenirs to take with us. Shortly after 13:00, we got onboard the express train to Narita airport. It takes roughly one and a half hours to get there, and you actually leave the city and see some countryside! Our flight to San Francisco left in the early evening.


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04 Sep: San Francisco, Friday

From Tokyo, we crossed the Pacific Ocean and the International Date Line while doing so. This way, we arrived in the morning of the same day we had left on (in the evening).

San Francisco welcomed us with beautiful weather; and although we were tired we went exploring the area around Pier 39 and down Columbus Ave into Chinatown and the Finacial district. In the evening, we found a burger place with "good motherfuckin'" burgers (with locals only, you get the scheme).


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05 Sep: San Francisco, Saturday

The next day took us on a bus trip over the Golden Gate bridge to Sausalito and Muir Woods, all set in fog-free, sunny and warm setting with a deep blue sky over our heads (actually so much we got a bit of a sunburn by the end of the day). The excursion took almost all day due to a bit heavy traffic on Rte. 101 (the highway connecting the bridge on both sides). On our way back, we walked up Lombard Street on the "back side" and down its famous hairpin turns. There are so many people wanting to drive down them that they need police officers to control the traffic.


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06 Sep: San Francisco, Sunday

Our last day in San Francisco started at Coit Tower, from where you have an excellent panoramic view of the entire city. From there, we walked over Market Street into SoMa, past the Capitol and up to Alamo Square Park to get the world-famous postcard row in front our lenses. On the recommendation of a friend, we had a burger in Mel's Drive-In (awesome!) on our way back.


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08 Sep: New York, Tuesday

We spent pretty much all of Monday on the flight from San Francisco to New York; losing three hours due to the difference between Pacific and Eastern timezones, and another almost two hours on the Q train from JFK to Manhattan (LIRR probably would've been better!).

Our next day started (after the obligatory coffee at Starbucks!) at the High Line, a disused freight railroad become public park area. From its end (near Penn station), we walked to (and up on) the Empire State building, to Central Park and to Grand Central. In the evening, we headed to Times Square, where we let New York "flow" over and around us.


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09 Sep: New York, Wednesday

In the morning, we walked through the Financial district, past the World Trade Center memorial site and One World Trade Center (or the "Freedom Tower"), the construction works going on there, South Ferry, the New York stock exchange on Wall street and across Brooklyn Bridge. All the walking was quite exhausting, so we took the afternoon off. In the evening, we met our friend Julia in the Black Forest Brooklyn for a Rothaus Pils.


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10 Sep: New York, Thursday

We'd had quite a bit of luck with the weather so far. Thursday, however, started out rainy, and stayed like that more or less all way into the evening. We started out by taking the tram over to Roosevelt Island and walked to its southern tip, which gives you a good view of the U.N. building. Back on Manhattan, we crossed Central Park all the way from 65th street to Haarlem. As the weather wasn't brightening up, we opted for coffee instead of urban exploration. Later that evening, we met Julia again, this time in Greenwhich village, for food and drinks.


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11 Sep: New York, Friday

Our flight was to leave JFK at five in the afternoon. In the late morning, we started out with a 10 minute trip to Governors Island. From there, you have an excellent view of the Financial district, and if you walk down to its south end, of the Statue of Liberty.


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