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Dec 2016

Christmas walk

Walking along the Rhine river on christmas day with my parents, watching the sun go down. This year we had a quiet christmas, only the three of us, my siblings staying with their respective families.


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Dec 2016

Featured image: Fog

View from my office out onto the intersection of Brauerstraße and Südendstraße in Karlsruhe.


Dec 2016

East Side Gallery

After lunch, I went out on tour of the East Side Gallery, a roughly 1,5 km long section of the Berlin Wall, painted by artists in 1990. It was freezing cold outside, so when I finally got back to the end of the display, I was happy to get my hands wrapped around a hot cup of coffee.


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Dec 2016


On a guided tour through the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin together with Felix, Dörthe and friends of theirs. The former airport has an impressive and extensive underground world with a morbid charm to it - definitely worth a visit!


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Nov 2016

Cold November walk

Out for a walk with my parents, my sister and her son during a foggy and cold late November Saturday in Remetschwiel, where we had rented a place to get together for our traditional Thanksgiving family weekend.


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