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Mar 2014

WoGe walkthrough

Visiting my parents' project "WoGe Gartenstrasse" in Waldshut. The construction has made phenomenal progress this winter due to the warm weather!


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Mar 2014

10 years: Nature

Ten years ago, in March 2004, I started this photoblog. To celebrate this, I decided that for each of the ten months left in 2014, I'll re-publish ten pictures respectively. In March, I'll start with the topic "Nature".

2004, I started experimenting with my compact IXUS camera, and took pictures of everything around me; including the sky. I still had my camera with me every day in 2005, but started focussing more on smaller details. The first big trip for the DSLR was to the Philippines in 2006, which has followed me ever since. Using filters, I learned to force longer exposure times to emphasize movement in water. In 2008, I turned "snow blindness" on the Top of Europe into colorful ice: A sharp contrast to the Mid-October heat in Grand Canyon. The colors of fall fascinate me the same way the Volcano on Reunion, a small island in the Indian Ocean, did in 2011. Emphasizing the feeling of exposedness to wind and weather in the Scottish Highlands in 2012 by focussing; and the open sky over Cape Cod a year later by using my fisheye.


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Feb 2014

Diner Durlach

In the American Diner Durlach for one of their tasty burgers.


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Feb 2014

Street Art

In the part of Karlsruhe Isabelle and me live in, spouts, signs and breaker boxes are decorated with stickers, advertising and ideological - usually leftist - messages. The area this occurs in stretches from the Werderplatz about two streets in each direction, and stops there.


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Jan 2014

Featured image: Ich bin ein Berliner

Jelly donuts, or "Berliners" as we call them here, on display.