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Oct 2012

Betriebshof West

Frank and me went on a foto-safari to the KVV's open house at the "Betriebshof West" this Saturday. We got to see the maintenance facilities, workshops, the new 2010 series "Flexity" as well as historic trams and the railyard.
Frank's pictures are here.


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Sep 2012

Baden-Marathon 2012

Isabelle and Julia both went for a half marathon, tackling the stretch in just under two hours. See also Basti in 2011 and Julia in 2010 at the same event.


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Sep 2012

Berlin, 2012

After our conference on corporate Intranets ended, Simon, Sandra and me went for a stroll through Berlin Mitte. After we'd walked through the Brandenburg gate into a beautiful late Summer sundown, we continued to Potsdamer Platz. At the Sony center, we saw the red carpet for the world premier of Til Schweiger's new movie "Schutzengel". Later, we went to meet Sven in his favorite bar.


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Sep 2012


A series of pictures shot at the Obzor beach resort in Bulgaria, this year's location of 1&1 Romania's summerfest.


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Aug 2012

Featured image: Aurora

Neon street sign at a café in Valbella.