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Sep 2016


On a warm and Sunny late-summer Sunday, I took the train to visit the Photokina trade fair. When I arrived in Cologne, I decided to walk across the Hohenzollern bridge instead of taking the S-Bahn to the "Köln Messe/Deutz" stop. The fair was a bit overwhelming with all the technology and broad variety of products and accessories. There were however also talks on photography itself, which I enjoyed: Why was this picture taken? What caught the photographer's eye? Why is its imperfection perfect?


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Aug 2016

Featured image: Bierbörse

At the Karlsruher Schloss on a hot summer day.


Jul 2016

Collection: Lausanne

Back in march, my sister and her partner Patrick started their family with the birth of their son Matti. To celebrate this, they'd invited friends and family to visit and spend time with them. I decided to travel to Lausanne Tuesday after work and stayed until Sunday.


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Jul 2016

Bahnhofsfest Bad Herrenalb

This weekend, Jan, me and the girls headed up to Bad Herrenalb on a steam train to visit the Bahnhofsfest. The train ride was exciting for the kids, especially being to stick out their heads while the train was moving. Once we got to Bad Herrenalb, we were all in desperate need for some ice cream!


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Jun 2016

Featured image: Red, white and yellow

Cars parked in an underpass in Karlsruhe.