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May 2009

Frischfleisch Vernissage

A photography assignment at the vernissage of the "Fresh meat" art exhibit with Tom and Mike inside the Fleischmarkthalle.


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May 2009

Bike tour

Started with our bikes from the Luisenstraße, where we live, west towards the Rhine bridge, and down south to Neuburg, where we crossed the river with the ferry, and back northeast via Forchheim to Karlsruhe.


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May 2009

Featured image: Lighter

Originally taken at Isabelle's birthday party - a little bit of shake in there, but still like the colors.


May 2009

Isabelle's birthday

Isabelle's 30th birthday in the Kap, with Stefan, Eva, Rebecca, Andi, Gabi, Simone, Timo, Mac, Alex, Gunnar, Ruben, Sylvia, Kerstin, Yvonne, Alex, Jan, Olli, Ingrid, Basti, Frank, me and a Wii console.


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Apr 2009

Collection: Barcelona

On a weekend trip to Barcelona with Volker, Michael, Eric, Sven and Sascha.


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