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Mar 2008

April weather

Although it's technically speaking not yet april - after snow, storm and rain during the last weeks the weather is finally improving - on a stroll through the Schlossgarten.
See also here (September 2004), here (February 2005), here (October 2005) and here (March 2007).


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Feb 2008

Walk to the Rhine

Walk to the Rhine river starting from the tram #5 stop Rheinhafen, past the windmills and the Knielinger lake and up to Maximiliansau, with Isabelle, Alex and Kerstin on an extroadinarily warm late February sunday.
Alex' pictures are here.


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Feb 2008

Featured image: Coffee beans

Originally taken at the Dirty Old Town party back in November.


Feb 2008

Fasnacht 2008

Karnival party in the Kap - this year's motto was "Fluch der Kapirik" (a play on words with "Kap" and the German title of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean"). See also Fasching 2007 and Fasnacht 2006.


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Dec 2007

Jan's birthday

My brother's 28th birthday, with Ingrid, Alex, Julia, Yvonne, Ruben, Olli, Gunnar, Raimar, Thomas, Mark, Steffi, Stephan, Frank, Jenny, Tom, Ute, Isabelle (2*), Bodo, Gelli, Jürgen, Kerstin and me.


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