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Mar 2007

First warm days

Before the "Schloss" and in the "Botanischer Garten", enjoying the warm sun.
One year ago, we still had snow at this time of the year.


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Mar 2007

Featured image: Bar utilities

Taken during the Fasching party.


Feb 2007

Fasching 2007

The legendary almost-week of carnival parties in the Kap - starting Thursday, February 15th and ending Wednesday morning at 3 o'clock on February 21st.
See also Fasnacht 2006 and Fasnacht 2005.


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Feb 2007

Featured image: Mirrored?

Taken on a train trip to Munich, where we visited my cousin Anna for her birthday.


Jan 2007

100 / 4

The Kap celebrating its 25 anniversary - from Thursday, January 11th, through Saturday. Thursday evening Alex was the official photographer (his pictures are here), on Friday, it was my turn to take pictures.


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