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Jun 2006

Featured image: Apple

Taken for the XP framework's new home page


Jun 2006

Out exploring again

A two and a half hour walk from the Rheinstrandbad (end of westbound #6) via Rheinstetten-Forchheim, past the Neue Messe and to the Rheinstrandsiedlung on a sunny early summer afternoon.


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Jun 2006

The Actiondance Federation

Deutsche Meisterschaften Hiphop 2006, Stadthalle Freiburg, with Isabelle, Stefan, Katharina, Rebecca, Nadja, Eva and Sarah. Isabelle's niece, Laura, and the "Burning steps" dance group from Karlsruhe scored third place.


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Jun 2006

WM 2006

The FIFA soccer world cup started on June 9th with two games, Germany vs. Costa Rica (4:2) and Poland vs. Ecuador (0:2). Some shots of the Ludwigsplatz, the Kap (where we watched the games) and symbols of soccer excitement in the Südstadt...


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May 2006

Featured image: Sonst nichts

A vitreous candle holder.