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Jul 2006

Featured image: Sunrise

Woke up early this morning and got to see the sun rising over the rooftops of Karlsruhe.


Jul 2006

Alongside the Alb river

Walk through the Günther Klotz park area and westwards alongside the Alb river. It was hot on that day (as it has been on every day for the past couple of weeks), being around water made the temperature more bearable and also offered some good motives.
Crossed the Karlsruhe zoo via the bridge that spans it on the way and captured their elephants outside in the heat (which must feel homy for them).


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Jul 2006


Out in the Oberwald again (March 2006, November 2005 and May 2005) - there's always something new to find there:)
This time a year ago we attended my sister's graduation and I had started moving out of Essenweinstraße.


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Jun 2006

Featured image: Apple

Taken for the XP framework's new home page


Jun 2006

Out exploring again

A two and a half hour walk from the Rheinstrandbad (end of westbound #6) via Rheinstetten-Forchheim, past the Neue Messe and to the Rheinstrandsiedlung on a sunny early summer afternoon.


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