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Oct 2015

Berlin, fall 2015

I'd decided to visit my cousin Felix and his girlfriend Dörthe in Berlin. I arrived on Friday and gave a slideshow of my world trip. On Saturday, while they were preparing for the party in the evening, I set out and walked around Märkisches Ufer, the Fernsehturm, along the Stadtbahn-Bögen and over to museum island. Later in the afternoon, I took a subway out to Bornholmer Straße and the Mauerpark.


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Sep 2015

Featured image: Empire State Building

Seen from our hotel, the Wyndham Garden Chinatown.


Aug 2015

Collection: Planet Express

Some day in the beginning of July, Frank and me had the spontaneous idea to travel once around the world: Hand baggage only, two weeks, four cities - something we call a "Schnapsidee" in German (although we didn't have any schnaps until after thinking of the plan). Our friends, coworkers and families all said we're crazy...

A couple of weeks later, we had everything settled. Our route: Karlsruhe - Hong Kong - Tokyo - San Francisco - New York - Karlsruhe. On Thursday evening, we took the train to Frankfurt, from where our plane was about to leave. With us: Our escort monster, made by my sister Sarah. Frank also has some pictures online over here.


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Aug 2015

Waldshut, 2015

Visiting my parents at their place in Waldshut to celebrate their birthdays with them, my sister Sarah and her boyfriend Patrick.


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Aug 2015

Featured image: Underground construction

Construction work at the escalator at Wilmersdorfer Straße