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2016 - 3 images


Road trip, part 3: Australian Alps (86 images in 11 chapters)

Following a recommendation I decided to leave Princes and to head towards the Australian Alps. This included my first offroad experience: First, the asphalt turned into gravel, which was OK. Later on, the road crossed a small river in a fort. Then, it turned into a forest path. Eventually, it started curving up a steep hill through serpentines and I started wondering if this was actually a through road. In the evening, I learned it was a "medium level" 4WD touring route. Huh! Some new skills I've got now;-). The day ended in a small town named Cooma, where the temporarily abandoned museum railway station served as a neat photography location.

The next day I headed west on Snowy Mountain Highway, passing the ghost town of Kiandra, and after being forced to quite a bit of a detour when a side road was suddenly blocked by a fallen tree, ended up late that evening in Bairnsdale.


Tempelhof (73 images in 3 chapters)

On a guided tour through the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin together with Felix, Dörthe and friends of theirs. The former airport has an impressive and extensive underground world with a morbid charm to it - definitely worth a visit!

2015 - 2 images


New York, Tuesday (109 images in 4 chapters)

We spent pretty much all of Monday on the flight from San Francisco to New York; losing three hours due to the difference between Pacific and Eastern timezones, and another almost two hours on the Q train from JFK to Manhattan (LIRR probably would've been better!).

Our next day started (after the obligatory coffee at Starbucks!) at the High Line, a disused freight railroad become public park area. From its end (near Penn station), we walked to (and up on) the Empire State building, to Central Park and to Grand Central. In the evening, we headed to Times Square, where we let New York "flow" over and around us.


New York, Thursday (51 images in 3 chapters)

We'd had quite a bit of luck with the weather so far. Thursday, however, started out rainy, and stayed like that more or less all way into the evening. We started out by taking the tram over to Roosevelt Island and walked to its southern tip, which gives you a good view of the U.N. building. Back on Manhattan, we crossed Central Park all the way from 65th street to Haarlem. As the weather wasn't brightening up, we opted for coffee instead of urban exploration. Later that evening, we met Julia again, this time in Greenwhich village, for food and drinks.

2014 - 1 image


Metro tunnel construction site (77 images in 3 chapters)

For the past couple of years, works have been underway for the city tunnel which will bring the Karlsruhe trams below the surface. Quite recently, they got the tunnel boring machine in place. This weekend was an open day event at the Durlacher Tor, where the machine will start out from. Frank and me went there to have a look at the the construction site and its surroundings.

2013 - 2 images


Block Island (53 images in 6 chapters)

The day after that, it cooled off quite a bit, clouded up and started drizzling. It wasn't going to keep us from going to Block Island, about 20 km off the Rhode Island coast. We did have to stop and buy sweaters first, though!


Schulzengasse 2 (16 images in 1 chapters)

Going back to the abandoned house I'd been in a month ago, this time not just equipped with my phone but with the big camera and the fisheye lens.

2012 - 7 images


U-Strab (41 images in 1 chapters)

The construction sites for the Karlsruhe metro at the Durlacher Tor and the Ettlinger Tor.


National holiday (67 images in 4 chapters)

Out for a stroll through Karlsruhe's Südstadt and the downtown area on Ascension day.


Specialized milk store (Image strip with 6 images)

The abandoned "Milchfachgeschäft" across from our appartment in the Luisenstraße Karlsruhe.


Aberdeen (194 images in 11 chapters)

Starting from the airport, we picked up our rental car, and started out (on the left side of the road!) towards the downtown area, where - after checking in to the hotel - we walked around exploring the area. We spent the second day mostly at the beach, walking along the high sand dunes, breathing in sea air and enjoying the sunshiny weather. On the morning of our third day, we started northbound, visiting old Aberdeen on the way.


Slains castle (34 images in 2 chapters)

On our way north, we came by Slains Castle, a ruin sitting on the cliffs and right off A975.
Scotland is full of abandoned castles, churches and houses like this.


Sightseeing (70 images in 5 chapters)

On Sunday, after sleeping in and enjoying a good breakfast while watching the "Köln Marathon 2012", we strolled along the Rhine park to the Rheinseilbahn, and back along the riverside back all the way to the Chocolate museum, which we paid a (worthwhile) visit.


Garage (Featured image)

On Avenue d'Echallens in Lausanne.

2011 - 1 image


Cirque de Cilaos (99 images in 7 chapters)

The third cirque we visited was Cilaos - the trip there via N5, a road curving up the hilly region in as much as 426 serpentines, being as spectacular as the area itself.

2010 - 3 images


Hornisgrinde - Night Photography (37 images in 4 chapters)

On a deserted army base ontop of the Hornisgrinde mountain together with Mike and Basti for "light painting".


Hornisgrinde - Night Photography #2 (24 images in 5 chapters)

Up again on the Hornisgrinde army base, this time with Mike and Alex, for some more light painting - in a snowy setting.

2008 - 2 images


Downtown Bucharest #2 (101 images in 7 chapters)

The second part of our city tour on Sunday took us via University square, from where we took the metro to Aviatorilor (at Charles de Gaulle Square) to the Arcul de Triumf, through Herastrau Park to the Gara de Nord train station, and back via Piata Romana down to the Palace of the Parliament, making this 28.2 km walk a bit longer than yesterday's (just like Bulevardul Unirii, Bucharest's Champs-Élysées, which is longer than the original).


Downtown Bucharest #1 (127 images in 7 chapters)

After having partied with work colleagues from Romania at the 1&1 Winterfest in Bucharest all night, Thomas and me got up early to see some of the city: A 27.2 km walk taking us from Piata Unirii to the Palace of the Parliament, through the old town, and via Calea Victorei to Piata Romana and back towards the hotel. The last time I had the chance to see downtown Bucharest was in 2005 - see here for the pictures I took then.

2007 - 1 image


St. Barbara (11 images in 1 chapters)

The remains of the Saint Barbara's chapel on a hill outside Langensteinbach, built in medieval times by monks of the cloister Bad Herrenalb and destroyed in the late 18th century by French troops. Since 1966, its tower has been restored and serves as a look-out.

2005 - 1 image


Relic hunting (57 images in 2 chapters)

The area where the rail depot and the main railway workshop used to be in Karlsruhe is now being transformed into the so-called "City Park" - a residential area. More rail leftovers from the past can be seen at this German website.