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2016 - 4 images


Road trip, part 5: Great Ocean Road (128 images in 10 chapters)

I headed southwest for a town called Torquay, the start of the Great Ocean Road. The road runs directly along the coastline, which transforms from sandy beaches to 50 meter sand and stone cliffs, with spectacular views of the water grinding away on it. On my way, I passed the Twelve Apostles - sandstone formations eroded out of the cliff coast by hundreds of years of wind and weather, and the Petrified Forest - "the forest that isn't".


Marseille (241 images in 5 chapters)

Frank and me decided to go on a weekend trip to Marseille. There is a direct TGV connection from Karlsruhe that takes you there in 6 and a half hours. We got out of work early on Friday and got there late in the evening. On Saturday, we explored the downtown area and climbed up the hill to the Notre-Dame de la Garde, from which you have an awesome view of the entire city. Later in the day, we sat down with some beers in the warm evening sun at the harborside. On Sunday, we toured the parts of the city we hadn't seen yet, and took the train back to Karlsruhe in the early afternoon.


Musée Olympique (29 images in 3 chapters)

On Wednesday, we met up around lunchtime with our American relatives and started out by walking along the lakeside towards the Olympic Museum. It's a well-done exhibit, albeit a bit expensive. After that, we walked down the Quai d'Ouchy until we found a spot where we could go swimming.


Michaelsberg (Image strip with 9 images)

On an afternoon outing to the Michaelsberg with Sophie, Claire and Jan . Beautiful late fall colors, warm sun, and lots of space for the kids to run around!

2015 - 2 images


Three generation walk (Image strip with 5 images)

We met up with the family over a weekend in Bruchsal. On this sunny but cold Saturday afternoon, we went for a small loop from the house to the train station and back through the pedestrian zone and the Schloss.


San Francisco, Saturday (88 images in 3 chapters)

The next day took us on a bus trip over the Golden Gate bridge to Sausalito and Muir Woods, all set in fog-free, sunny and warm setting with a deep blue sky over our heads (actually so much we got a bit of a sunburn by the end of the day). The excursion took almost all day due to a bit heavy traffic on Rte. 101 (the highway connecting the bridge on both sides). On our way back, we walked up Lombard Street on the "back side" and down its famous hairpin turns. There are so many people wanting to drive down them that they need police officers to control the traffic.

2014 - 2 images


10 years: Summer (Image strip with 10 images)

Ten years ago, in 2004, I started this photoblog. To celebrate this, I decided that for each of the ten months left in 2014, I'll re-publish ten pictures respectively. After the 10 years: Spring selection in May, I'll continue with pictures symbolizing the summer season of the year. Granted, the weather could be better at the time of writing this:)


10 years: Winter (Image strip with 10 images)

Ten years ago, in 2004, I started this photoblog. To celebrate this, I decided that for each of the ten months left in 2014, I'll re-publish ten pictures respectively. In this last motto album, I've gathered pictures symbolizing the winter season: Thanksgiving, christmas, snow, ice and wearing thick clothes:)

2013 - 2 images


Trip north (22 images in 6 chapters)

After checking out at our motel, we headed up north for the White Mountains. On our way, we stopped over for an afternoon in a small town called Salisbury for a swim in the ocean waves.


Snowy Black Forest (Image strip with 8 images)

For the Thanksgiving weekend, my parents had rented a house up in the Black Forest. When we arrived there Friday evening, it had just started snowing. On Saturday morning, we looked out of the windows to see this!

2012 - 2 images


Sunday (49 images in 5 chapters)

Alongside the Rhine river past Kadelburg all the way down to Rekingen, then back on the Swiss side of the river via Bad Zurzach (known for its thermal water baths). A bit shorter, only 30 km today.


The party (115 images in 6 chapters)

After a traditional car convoy through the town, we drove towards the Bisonstube, where the party was to take place. Good food, drinks, talks, a bonfire, dancing, having fun; and a relaxing atmosphere at the location made up for an awesome evening.

2011 - 2 images


Byala (57 images in 5 chapters)

The weekend at the Byala Beach Resort, relaxing at the poolside, swimming in the black sea, reading books, socializing and enjoying the wilder parts of the party in the evening.


St. Gilles Les Bains (25 images in 3 chapters)

In Saint-Gilles-les Bains, the next bigger town, for souvenir shopping.

2010 - 1 image


Brenden, Saturday (109 images in 9 chapters)

On Saturday, we took the cars to Titisee-Neustad, a really touristy place, to walk around the town a bit. Later that afternoon, we went for a hike at the Schluchsee; finishing off the day with a barbecue back at the vacation house.

2009 - 1 image


Berlin, 09/09 (18 images in 4 chapters)

On a business trip to Berlin, taking part in an intranet conference, I had the chance to take a couple of shots of Mitte ("Mitte" is the German for "the middle"); and to meet up with a friend of mine, Sven, later on, in his local pub, the Victoria Bar.

2008 - 1 image


Snow and ice (Featured image)

Strongly exaggerated colors and contrast of a shot taken at the Jungfraujoch.

2007 - 2 images


Experimenting... (10 images in 3 chapters)

Pictures shot while enjoying coffee in Isabelle's parents' back yard in Ittersbach.


Hot peppers (Featured image)

Red peppers on a green background

2006 - 4 images


Alona Beach (66 images in 3 chapters)

In and around the Alona Kew White Beach Resort on Panglao Island.


Sunrise (Featured image)

Woke up early this morning and got to see the sun rising over the rooftops of Karlsruhe.


Windy walk (62 images in 3 chapters)

A walk along the Kiel Canal (to German-speaking people better known as "Nord-Ostsee-Kanal") from the ferry in Schacht-Audorf all the way to the "Rendsburger Hochbrücke", a train bridge across the canal, and back through some side roads.


Sunday: Downtown Munich (37 images in 7 chapters)

Having slept on the floor we got up early despite having partied until late at night, went for breakfast and a stroll through downtown Munich.