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2016 - 6 images


Sydney, Monday (42 images in 5 chapters)

The weather forecast was predicting a hot and sunny day, so I decided to take the ferry to Manly and spend the day at the beach. Thinking of friends and family back in Europe with rain and frosty temperatures, I went for a swim and enjoyed lying around in the sun:-) In the early afternoon, it started clouding up, so I headed back. A nice and lazy day!


Melbourne, Monday (81 images in 8 chapters)

On Monday morning I took the tram to South Beach, from where I walked along the beach towards St Kilda. From the pier you can catch some nice views of Melbourne's skyline. In the early afternoon, I returned to downtown, exploring the area around Flinder's street station some more.

After this short time I already felt comfortable with the city - it's a very liveable place! Its extensive tram network, walkability, richness in variety; all that makes me want to come back.


Marseille (241 images in 5 chapters)

Frank and me decided to go on a weekend trip to Marseille. There is a direct TGV connection from Karlsruhe that takes you there in 6 and a half hours. We got out of work early on Friday and got there late in the evening. On Saturday, we explored the downtown area and climbed up the hill to the Notre-Dame de la Garde, from which you have an awesome view of the entire city. Later in the day, we sat down with some beers in the warm evening sun at the harborside. On Sunday, we toured the parts of the city we hadn't seen yet, and took the train back to Karlsruhe in the early afternoon.


Photokina (45 images in 5 chapters)

On a warm and Sunny late-summer Sunday, I took the train to visit the Photokina trade fair. When I arrived in Cologne, I decided to walk across the Hohenzollern bridge instead of taking the S-Bahn to the "Köln Messe/Deutz" stop. The fair was a bit overwhelming with all the technology and broad variety of products and accessories. There were however also talks on photography itself, which I enjoyed: Why was this picture taken? What caught the photographer's eye? Why is its imperfection perfect?


Sinsheim (60 images in 4 chapters)

On a sunny mid-October Sunday, Gunnar, Frank and me went to the Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim. I was most impressed by the Concorde and Tupolev, which you can walk inside: These planes were so cramped!


East Side Gallery (50 images in 4 chapters)

After lunch, I went out on tour of the East Side Gallery, a roughly 1,5 km long section of the Berlin Wall, painted by artists in 1990. It was freezing cold outside, so when I finally got back to the end of the display, I was happy to get my hands wrapped around a hot cup of coffee.

2015 - 1 image


Hong Kong, Monday (80 images in 3 chapters)

Our last in day in Hong Kong lead us to the monastery at Ngong Ping, which can be reached by MTR and a cable car. In the afternoon, we went over to Hong Kong island once more, breathing in the busy flair of the Wan Chain District.

2014 - 4 images


10 years: Kap (Image strip with 10 images)

Ten years ago, in 2004, I started this photoblog. To celebrate this, I decided that for each of the ten months left in 2014, I'll re-publish ten pictures respectively. Having started in Month with Nature, I'll continue with something which has also been a continuos theme for a decade: Our "Stammkneipe" Kap.


Julia's farewell party (98 images in 6 chapters)

Our friend Julia is moving to New York, where she'll be a teacher. This Saturday, she gave a farewell party, with a barbecue starting in the afternoon, and friends, family and colleagues around.


Saturday (39 images in 7 chapters)

Our last day began with the ascent to the highest point of our trip - the Similaunhütte at an elevation of 3019 m, located between glaciers and right on the Austrian-Italian border. After stopping there for a cup of coffee, we began the final descent down to the Vernagt reservoir in South Tyrol. A bust took us the last hour to Meran, where we'd booked a guest house for the night.


Bus ride (Featured image)

On our way back from Meran, through one of the tunnels on the Reschen pass road.

2013 - 3 images


Neon (Featured image)

Originally taken during our conference visit to Berlin back in September 2012, near the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden.


New York: Friday (105 images in 6 chapters)

Starting from our home base in Brooklyn, we walked all the way down Fulton street towards downtown and through Brooklyn heights, a wealthy neighborhood looking over East river to Manhattan. After a short break and enjoying the view of the skyline, we continued our walk across Brooklyn bridge into Manhattan's financial district.


Wostok (Featured image)

Different flavors of lemonade on the counter in the iuno bar in Karlsruhe.

2012 - 6 images


Isabelle's birthday (24 images in 5 chapters)

With Kerstin, Julia, Frank, Mike, Gunnar, Rebecca, Marie, Alex, Lenn, Habba, Schröder, Isabelle (of course) and me.


EM 2012 @ Kap (29 images in 5 chapters)

Watching the UEFA Euro 2012's match Germany vs. Portugal, with Isabelle, Yvonne, Kerstin, Julia, Christian, Jan, Roland and Frank. Germany won the match 1:0.


Iuno (19 images in 4 chapters)

In the Iuno bar at the Werderplatz in Karlsruhe with Mike, trying out my new 18-200 lens.


Julia's birthday (37 images in 5 chapters)

In the Kap with Kerstin, Axel, Yvonne, Basti, Mike, Tanja, Habba, Schröder, Menne, Alex, Marie, Lenn, Frank, Gunnar, Christian, Isabelle and me.


Stefan & Eva's wedding (199 images in 13 chapters)

In the small town of Ettlingen, Isabelle's brother got married to his longterm girl friend Eva. The ceremony took place in the "Ettlinger Schloss"; from where we went to a place called Watt's, with a very nice beer garden, good food, music and dancing.


Berlin, 2012 (53 images in 4 chapters)

After our conference on corporate Intranets ended, Simon, Sandra and me went for a stroll through Berlin Mitte. After we'd walked through the Brandenburg gate into a beautiful late Summer sundown, we continued to Potsdamer Platz. At the Sony center, we saw the red carpet for the world premier of Til Schweiger's new movie "Schutzengel". Later, we went to meet Sven in his favorite bar.

2011 - 4 images


Friday: Travel, exploration and night out #1 (264 images in 19 chapters)

The trip started on Friday morning at the Karlsruhe train station - from where we took the TGV train to Paris. After we had checked in to the hotel, we went out for lunch in the "Rue Mouffetard", a colorful street ligned with restaurants, bars and cafes. In the afternoon, we walked towards the Seine , visited Centre Pompidou and the Louvre before heading out into the night in the 5th arrondissement of Paris.


Saturday: Sight seeing, night out #2 (129 images in 13 chapters)

We spent most of Saturday walking past some of the major site seeing locations in Paris, the Eiffel tower, the Champs Elysées with the triumphal arch, up through Montmartre to the Sacré Cœur, down back on the other side through the 10th arrondissement of Paris.


Coffee and Cake (55 images in 5 chapters)

We had rented the Seminarhaus Remetschwiel, located a 15 minute drive from Waldshut away. We took the cars there; bringing along food, bedding, tables and tableclothes. After we'd prepared the place around quarter past two / 2:30 the guests started arriving for coffee and cake.


Halloween 2011 (56 images in 6 chapters)

In the Kap with Isabelle, Yvonne, Mike, Basti, Tanja and Gunnar.

2010 - 5 images


Color array (Featured image)

Multi-color LEDs in a spotlight, originally taken at Yvonne's birthday party.


Colónia: Shopping (43 images in 3 chapters)

Isabelle went out to shop for small presents for her friends, so I took my camera and caught some of the area around the "Placa Constitution", the "Avinguda Primavera" and the "Carrer Gabriel Roca" (the seafront road).


Hornisgrinde - Night Photography (37 images in 4 chapters)

On a deserted army base ontop of the Hornisgrinde mountain together with Mike and Basti for "light painting".


Green light, blue sky (Featured image)

A staircase at the Zurich central station.


Zurich, evening (33 images in 7 chapters)

Out with Sarah and Tobi in Langstrasse in district 4 of Zurich.

2009 - 4 images


Easter 2009 (30 images in 3 chapters)

Out for a walk through the woods on Easter sunday in Ittersbach with Isabelle and her family.


Saturday: Calma (105 images in 11 chapters)

Saturday, still feeling the long night out, we went on a sightseeing walk through Barcelona, seeing its old town (again, but by daylight), lively market halls, the port and the beach (where we stopped to relax and drink some cocktails in the sun). We did go out again in the evening - not for long though - to catch the flight back we'd have to get up at 6 in the morning.


Frischfleisch Vernissage (62 images in 2 chapters)

A photography assignment at the vernissage of the "Fresh meat" art exhibit with Tom and Mike inside the Fleischmarkthalle.


Vegas (84 images in 14 chapters)

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!" - so goes a famous quote. On the flight towards the U.S. I had watched "The Hangover" - and it didn't get that wild for us:-) Las Vegas is absolutely stunning and it overwhelms you when you get there. You do get used to the glittering, blinking, advertising-everywhere-everything after a while thougn and it's absolutely worth a stay, even if you're not planning on gambling or getting drunk! We had a room for the weekend in the TI Hotel and Casino.

2008 - 1 image


Tuesday: Al Qasba (15 images in 2 chapters)

The "Eye of the Emirates" ferris wheel is part of a recreational area called "Quanat al Qasba" between the Khaled and Al Khan laggons in Sharjah, where Isabelle and me went out for an unhurried evening stroll.

2007 - 2 images


Lake Constance (76 images in 4 chapters)

A day's trip to Lake Constance ("Bodensee" in German) with Isabelle, Frank and Alex.


Naturalz b0rn parteeh! (42 images in 2 chapters)

Claus' birthday party at his and Alison's apartment, to which the guests (pictured inside wearing red sunglasses) were invited with an invitation reading - inspired by 733t-speak - "I can has teh partee! U comes?". LOL!

2006 - 4 images


Happy birthday, Kerstin! (18 images in 2 chapters)

Kerstin's birthday, also in the Kap. The Sin City-style image below is of their specialty, "Saurer" (go to the Kap to find out exactly what that is:))


Happy birthday, Nico! (27 images in 4 chapters)

Nico's 29th birthday, as usual, in the Kap.
Same place, same occasion, one year ago; and last year's present.


Friday evening: Party on! (62 images in 5 chapters)

Location: Rheinstrandbad Rappenwört.
The United Internet Team Germany (America's Cup sailing participants) were there and had "brought along" their boat, there were fireworks, a beautiful sundown, live music, Jan Garcia from SWR 3 at the turntables, cocktails, and lots and lots of people, of course:)


One day in Bucharest (47 images in 9 chapters)

One of the four days of my business trip to Bucharest, Romania, starting out with some shots of the way from the hotel to the office, some views from the office building (Schlund being on the 8th floor there), the sunset and finally a night out with work colleagues Jan, Georgeana and Daniela.

2005 - 4 images


Sunny afternoon (39 images in 3 chapters)

Out for a stroll around the Friedrichsplatz and the Nymphengarten with Isabelle, Yvonne and Alex.


Wolfartsweier - Durlach - KA Messplatz (40 images in 3 chapters)

This Sunday, we started out a hike from Wolfartsweier, eventually finding the "Waldwelt" hiking path, which lead us up the the hill through the "Bergwald" and then - after a short break - downhill to Durlach. On the way back, we stopped shortly at the Herbstmess' (an amusement fair).


Long exposure (Featured image)

Taken at the x-mas party in Bucharest.


...it`s dark outside and we`re wearing sunglasses... (31 images in 7 chapters)

Nightlife in various places:

  • The 1&1/Schlund+Partner building in Karlsruhe
  • The tram line 6 stop "ZKM"
  • The Mendelssohnplatz
Update (05.03.2005): Mike also has some nice pictures here