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2016 - 1 image


Chateau Chillon (49 images in 2 chapters)

On Friday, we took a steam boat from Lausanne to the Chillon Castle. The castle is a sightworthy location offering a suprisingly long tour - it doesn't look nearly as big from the outside! With absolutely gorgeous weather, we spent the early afternoon at a small beach right next to the castle before walking to Montreux and catching a train back from there.

2015 - 3 images


Independence day BBQ (Image strip with 8 images)

At Mike and Chris' house in Hagenbach for a BBQ in honour of this American holiday. Mike, a fellow American with dual citizenship, had decorated the place with all kinds of patriotic decoration, and had ordered American beer and sodas.


Hong Kong, Monday (80 images in 3 chapters)

Our last in day in Hong Kong lead us to the monastery at Ngong Ping, which can be reached by MTR and a cable car. In the afternoon, we went over to Hong Kong island once more, breathing in the busy flair of the Wan Chain District.


Weinwinter (30 images in 3 chapters)

This early December weekend, Frank and me went to the Weinwinter. We'd been to the small town of Birkweiler in the Palatinate region before to enjoy wine and hiking - this winter event was new though.

2012 - 4 images


L13 (Featured image)

A blue LED strip inside a shop window.


Ullapool (31 images in 5 chapters)

On a drizzly day, our journey continued through the northern Highlands towards Ullapool. Sitting outside in the cold and windy weather we enjoyed freshly made fish & chips like real Scots!


Stefan & Eva's wedding (199 images in 13 chapters)

In the small town of Ettlingen, Isabelle's brother got married to his longterm girl friend Eva. The ceremony took place in the "Ettlinger Schloss"; from where we went to a place called Watt's, with a very nice beer garden, good food, music and dancing.


Berlin, 2012 (53 images in 4 chapters)

After our conference on corporate Intranets ended, Simon, Sandra and me went for a stroll through Berlin Mitte. After we'd walked through the Brandenburg gate into a beautiful late Summer sundown, we continued to Potsdamer Platz. At the Sony center, we saw the red carpet for the world premier of Til Schweiger's new movie "Schutzengel". Later, we went to meet Sven in his favorite bar.

2010 - 3 images


Hornisgrinde - Night Photography (37 images in 4 chapters)

On a deserted army base ontop of the Hornisgrinde mountain together with Mike and Basti for "light painting".


Hornisgrinde - Night Photography #2 (24 images in 5 chapters)

Up again on the Hornisgrinde army base, this time with Mike and Alex, for some more light painting - in a snowy setting.


Zurich, afternoon (29 images in 3 chapters)

Visiting Sarah and Tobi in Zurich for a weekend. On a warm but grey November afternoon, we strolled through the downtown area.

2009 - 1 image


Friday: Tapas y seis caas, por favor! (137 images in 11 chapters)

On Friday morning we headed out to Baden Airpark, Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden's airport, starting out the trip with beer and pretzels before getting on the plane. Having arrived in Barcelona, we had to take an hour's bus ride to the downtown area. After we checked in to the hotel we started our tapas and beer tour through Barcelona's picturesque old town, ending it at about 4 in the morning.

2008 - 1 image


Jan's birthday (62 images in 2 chapters)

Jan celebrated his 29th birthday in the Kap (as he did last year and the year before) having invited friends and colleagues from work.

2007 - 2 images


Cold ice (Featured image)

A melting ice cube - taken for a photography assignment with the topic "Water".


Hike down to Waldshut (32 images in 2 chapters)

Took the bus up to Waldkirch, a small town up on the black forest ridge about 300 meters above Waldshut, to hike back down - enjoying beautiful views of the Rhine valley and over into Switzerland.

2006 - 8 images


Halloween 2006 (31 images in 4 chapters)

As always, in the Kap.
See also: Halloween 2005, Halloween 2004.


Alona Beach (66 images in 3 chapters)

In and around the Alona Kew White Beach Resort on Panglao Island.


Tour of Bohol (77 images in 7 chapters)

A tour of the Bohol island, including the Legazpi blood compact memorial in Tagbilaran, the Chocolate hills, a Tarsier place, and the Loboc River.


Day #3) Ospizio Bernina (105 images in 8 chapters)

Took the train up to the top of the Bernina Pass (2053 meters above sea level) and hiked down towards Alp Grm on its southern side. Shortly before reaching the train station there, we had a wonderful view down into the Poschiavo valley more than 1000 meters below.


Tanz in den Mai, 2006 (42 images in 7 chapters)

One of the legendary parties in the Kap.
At the same time on the other side of the world, the same place two years ago.


Flowers for easter (12 images in 4 chapters)

Taken at the Gscheidle's house in Ittersbach, where we were invited for Isabelle's family's easter meal.
The blue surface you're seeing waterdrops on is a car's roof...


Farewell to Sven (44 images in 8 chapters)

A farewell to Sven, who is leaving for Quatar tomorrow, in Montabaur.

2005 - 4 images


A slightly different perspective... (17 images in 4 chapters)

...of the inside of the Kap.


United X-Mas 2005 (48 images in 9 chapters)

The joint corporate winter party of 1&1, GMX, Web.de and Schlund+Partner, behind the Karlsruhe Schloss.
Alex also has some pictures here.


The trip back (19 images in 5 chapters)

Our flight, which was supposed to leave Bucharest at 09:20 in the morning, was first delayed due to technical problems and then finally cancelled; the passengers being re-booked on flight 311 to Frankfurt via Munich at 15:25. We got to see a nice sunset from the airplane, though:)