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2017 - 1 image


Spring 2017 (28 images in 2 chapters)

Out roaming the Oberwald with my fisheye and f/2.8 lenses on one of the first sunny spring days.

2016 - 1 image


Sydney, Tuesday (127 images in 6 chapters)

I started into this drizzly day by walking around Chinatown and Darling Harbor. By the time I'd reached the waterfront area, it began clearing up again. I walked up to Observatory Park and from there once across Harbour Bridge. The walkway is enclosed in a pretty high fence, so the view is not as enjoyable as for example on Brooklyn Bridge - there is, fortunately, a small gap to stick your camera through. After taking the train back across the bridge, I walked through the Royal Botanic Gardens to Mrs Macquarie's Point, from where one has a great view of the opera house and the bridge.

2015 - 4 images


Easter (31 images in 3 chapters)

On this easter weekend, my parents came to visit us in Karlsruhe and Bruchsal, and we took the girls to the Karlsruhe zoo. They've done a lot of rebuilding and modernization recently. Adding rentable handcarts for kids to sit in is one of their great ideas.


Teufelsberg (82 images in 3 chapters)

Felix and me climbed the Teufelsberg hill and joined a tour of the former NSA listening station on top of it. The abandoned facility is now in the hands of street artists, transforming its morbid charme into a colorful gallery.


Hong Kong, Saturday (152 images in 4 chapters)

Our second day started out by walking towards the Star Ferry Pier, where we set over to Hong Kong Island and started our Bus tour. We walked around the Mid-Levels, took the funicular up to Victoria Peak and gazed across the harbor and Kowloon. In the evening, we went out to have some Dim Sum and strolled across some night markets.


Waldshut, 2015 (28 images in 2 chapters)

Visiting my parents at their place in Waldshut to celebrate their birthdays with them, my sister Sarah and her boyfriend Patrick.

2014 - 2 images


Sophie's christening (62 images in 2 chapters)

My niece's christening in Bruchsal, getting together with family and close friends, eating, chatting, and watching the kids rampage.


Julia's farewell party (98 images in 6 chapters)

Our friend Julia is moving to New York, where she'll be a teacher. This Saturday, she gave a farewell party, with a barbecue starting in the afternoon, and friends, family and colleagues around.

2013 - 3 images


Isabelle's birthday, 2013 (38 images in 5 chapters)

In the afternoon, Julia, Marie, Lenn, Axel and Kerstin organized a treasure hunt for Isabelle to start in the Oberwald. Having followed all the hints, Isabelle found their birthday present for her. Later, we met up with Frank, Yvonne, Basti, Tanja, Mike, Habba and Schröder at the Titanic restaurant for food and drinks.


Summer bike tour and swim (14 images in 2 chapters)

This warm Summer sunday, we decided to go swimming in the Buchtzig quarry pond. While the girls took the car, I followed them by bike.


Christmas is coming (Featured image)

Only two days to go!

2012 - 4 images


Saturday (45 images in 4 chapters)

Starting from Waldshut, we passed over the German-Swiss border, went along the Klingnau reservoir, over to Siggenthal, Würenlingen, Koblenz, Full, and back over Dogern; around 40 km.


Sunday (49 images in 5 chapters)

Alongside the Rhine river past Kadelburg all the way down to Rekingen, then back on the Swiss side of the river via Bad Zurzach (known for its thermal water baths). A bit shorter, only 30 km today.


Birkweiler 2012 (102 images in 8 chapters)

A day's excursion on Alex' birthday to the "Birkweiler Weinfrühling" with Marie, Alex, Lenn, Ingrid, Jan, Sophie, Frank, Axel, Kerstin, Isabelle and me. See also Alex' pictures, and mine from last year and from 2008.


Vineyard hike (38 images in 3 chapters)

In the afternoon, we went to a small wine village named Bickensohl and participated in a small guided tour through the local vineyards.

2011 - 6 images


Lunch break: Coffee and a walk (31 images in 3 chapters)

After the official part was over, we walked the two minutes back over to the hotel, and enjoyed a buffet and coffee.


Weinfrühling 2011 (63 images in 7 chapters)

In Birkweiler, with Nico and Frank on this Pentecost monday. We were there three years ago in a different setting. See also this year's flyer.


Bike tour (21 images in 5 chapters)

A bike tour to Ittersbach, via Ettlingen and Fischweier on the way there (24.2 km, took me 01:55); and back over Weiler, Remchingen, Durlach (32.2 km, took 01:37 as it's downhill almost the entire stretch).


Saturday (81 images in 11 chapters)

Out for a hike from Rothaus to a small place called "Tannenmühle" (around one and a half hours); and back to the house for a bbq.


Colors of fall (30 images in 3 chapters)

Visiting Isabelle's parents in Ittersbach, out for a walk on warm October weekend.


Entre-Deux (75 images in 6 chapters)

Hiking from Entre-Deux down towards the "Bras de la Plaine" river, where our travel guide advertised a natural arch made of lava stone we never saw. On the way back, we learned the meaning of rain in "rain forest", but also that most showers don't take long.

2010 - 3 images


Whitsun (32 images in 5 chapters)

A visit to Isabelle's parents in Ittersbach. We had actually intended to spend the Whitsun weekend in Paris, but unfortunately all the trains there were completely booked out by the time we went to buy our tickets.


Tour de Mallorca, day 2 (96 images in 5 chapters)

Our second day trip took us westward - Campos - LLucmajor - around Palma, with a stop in Peguera, and over the hills on coast road MA-10 past Andtrax towards Port de Sóller, where the historic railway coming from Palma ends.


Hornisgrinde - Night Photography (37 images in 4 chapters)

On a deserted army base ontop of the Hornisgrinde mountain together with Mike and Basti for "light painting".

2009 - 3 images


Aare / Rhine (19 images in 2 chapters)

On a bike tour around the Klingnauer Stausee, down to the hydroelectric power plant in Albbruck and back along the Rhine river to Waldshut.


Schaffhausen (147 images in 6 chapters)

A day's trip to Schaffhausen and the Rhine fall.


Brenden (48 images in 6 chapters)

Spending a weekend with friends in Brenden, a small town near the Schluchsee in the black forest.

2008 - 9 images


Fasnacht 2008 (32 images in 6 chapters)

Karnival party in the Kap - this year's motto was "Fluch der Kapirik" (a play on words with "Kap" and the German title of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean"). See also Fasching 2007 and Fasnacht 2006.


April weather (26 images in 3 chapters)

Although it's technically speaking not yet april - after snow, storm and rain during the last weeks the weather is finally improving - on a stroll through the Schlossgarten.
See also here (September 2004), here (February 2005), here (October 2005) and here (March 2007).


Weinfrühling 2008 (65 images in 6 chapters)

A sunday afternoon in Birkweiler for the "Spring of wine" with Julia, Kerstin, Yvonne, Olli and Gunnar.


Palm (Featured image)

Originally taken in Bad Wildbad.


Grindelwald (30 images in 3 chapters)

First of our four-day stay in Grindelwald area.


Getting close... (18 images in 2 chapters)

Using the 200mm lens and trying to focus on details.


Saturday: Al Mamzar Beach (21 images in 2 chapters)

On Al Mamzar beach, which is right outside of Sharjah in the adjacent Dubai for a relaxing November:-) morning.


Goodbye 2008, Welcome 2009 (22 images in 3 chapters)

New Year's Eve at Olli's apartment, with Isabelle, Susi, Basti, Gunnar, Frank, Claus, Alison, Jan, me and of course Olli himself.

2007 - 3 images


Albtal (26 images in 2 chapters)

Hiking through the Alb valley to the Höllbach waterfalls with my family while on visit with them. Started playing with long exposure shots of flowing water at daylight time and wished I'd had more time to experiment.


Goodbye, Yvonne (76 images in 8 chapters)

Yvonne's going away-party in the Kap, with Alex, Alex (again), Isabelle, Isabelle (again), Jan, me, Basti, Kerstin, Julia, Kathrin, Ruben, Olli, Halil, Matze, Rebecca, Gunnar, Raimar, Klara and many more.


First warm days (12 images in 2 chapters)

Before the "Schloss" and in the "Botanischer Garten", enjoying the warm sun.
One year ago, we still had snow at this time of the year.

2006 - 8 images


Halloween 2006 (31 images in 4 chapters)

As always, in the Kap.
See also: Halloween 2005, Halloween 2004.


Alongside the Alb river (24 images in 3 chapters)

Walk through the Günther Klotz park area and westwards alongside the Alb river. It was hot on that day (as it has been on every day for the past couple of weeks), being around water made the temperature more bearable and also offered some good motives.
Crossed the Karlsruhe zoo via the bridge that spans it on the way and captured their elephants outside in the heat (which must feel homy for them).


Out exploring again (42 images in 4 chapters)

A two and a half hour walk from the Rheinstrandbad (end of westbound #6) via Rheinstetten-Forchheim, past the Neue Messe and to the Rheinstrandsiedlung on a sunny early summer afternoon.


Singapore (139 images in 10 chapters)

On the way to the Philippines, me, my sister, my mom and dad had a three days stopover in Singapore, of which only one and a half were actually useable due to jet lag and the flight to Cebu being early Thursday morning.


Oberwaldsee (11 images in 2 chapters)

Out in the Oberwald again (March 2006, November 2005 and May 2005) - there's always something new to find there:)
This time a year ago we attended my sister's graduation and I had started moving out of Essenweinstraße.


One day in Bucharest (47 images in 9 chapters)

One of the four days of my business trip to Bucharest, Romania, starting out with some shots of the way from the hotel to the office, some views from the office building (Schlund being on the 8th floor there), the sunset and finally a night out with work colleagues Jan, Georgeana and Daniela.


Flowers for easter (12 images in 4 chapters)

Taken at the Gscheidle's house in Ittersbach, where we were invited for Isabelle's family's easter meal.
The blue surface you're seeing waterdrops on is a car's roof...


Lindenstr. 23 (27 images in 4 chapters)

Around my aunt's house in Schacht-Audorf, Lindenstraße 23. Lots of flowers inside:)

2005 - 1 image


Grass (Featured image)

Wet grass after a rainfall