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2017 - 1 image


Spring 2017 (28 images in 2 chapters)

Out roaming the Oberwald with my fisheye and f/2.8 lenses on one of the first sunny spring days.

2016 - 4 images


Low water (Featured image)

At the Rhine river in Waldshut. Originally taken on christmas day.


Road trip, part 5: Great Ocean Road (128 images in 10 chapters)

I headed southwest for a town called Torquay, the start of the Great Ocean Road. The road runs directly along the coastline, which transforms from sandy beaches to 50 meter sand and stone cliffs, with spectacular views of the water grinding away on it. On my way, I passed the Twelve Apostles - sandstone formations eroded out of the cliff coast by hundreds of years of wind and weather, and the Petrified Forest - "the forest that isn't".


Kuala Lumpur, Thursday (114 images in 7 chapters)

The last day! From Central Station, I took the metro to its terminus, the Batu Caves, the site of the most popular Hindu shrine outside of India. There are caves of different sizes and with different interiors, an interesting visit! When I got back to the city, I took to some of the locations I'd missed on my way the days before: The old Kuala Lumpur station and the National Mosque. After dinner, I left for the airport, heading home to Germany.


Chateau Chillon (49 images in 2 chapters)

On Friday, we took a steam boat from Lausanne to the Chillon Castle. The castle is a sightworthy location offering a suprisingly long tour - it doesn't look nearly as big from the outside! With absolutely gorgeous weather, we spent the early afternoon at a small beach right next to the castle before walking to Montreux and catching a train back from there.

2015 - 3 images


San Francisco, Saturday (88 images in 3 chapters)

The next day took us on a bus trip over the Golden Gate bridge to Sausalito and Muir Woods, all set in fog-free, sunny and warm setting with a deep blue sky over our heads (actually so much we got a bit of a sunburn by the end of the day). The excursion took almost all day due to a bit heavy traffic on Rte. 101 (the highway connecting the bridge on both sides). On our way back, we walked up Lombard Street on the "back side" and down its famous hairpin turns. There are so many people wanting to drive down them that they need police officers to control the traffic.


New York, Wednesday (69 images in 3 chapters)

In the morning, we walked through the Financial district, past the World Trade Center memorial site and One World Trade Center (or the "Freedom Tower"), the construction works going on there, South Ferry, the New York stock exchange on Wall street and across Brooklyn Bridge. All the walking was quite exhausting, so we took the afternoon off. In the evening, we met our friend Julia in the Black Forest Brooklyn for a Rothaus Pils.


New York, Thursday (51 images in 3 chapters)

We'd had quite a bit of luck with the weather so far. Thursday, however, started out rainy, and stayed like that more or less all way into the evening. We started out by taking the tram over to Roosevelt Island and walked to its southern tip, which gives you a good view of the U.N. building. Back on Manhattan, we crossed Central Park all the way from 65th street to Haarlem. As the weather wasn't brightening up, we opted for coffee instead of urban exploration. Later that evening, we met Julia again, this time in Greenwhich village, for food and drinks.

2014 - 2 images


10 years: Nature (Image strip with 10 images)

Ten years ago, in March 2004, I started this photoblog. To celebrate this, I decided that for each of the ten months left in 2014, I'll re-publish ten pictures respectively. In March, I'll start with the topic "Nature".

2004, I started experimenting with my compact IXUS camera, and took pictures of everything around me; including the sky. I still had my camera with me every day in 2005, but started focussing more on smaller details. The first big trip for the DSLR was to the Philippines in 2006, which has followed me ever since. Using filters, I learned to force longer exposure times to emphasize movement in water. In 2008, I turned "snow blindness" on the Top of Europe into colorful ice: A sharp contrast to the Mid-October heat in Grand Canyon. The colors of fall fascinate me the same way the Volcano on Reunion, a small island in the Indian Ocean, did in 2011. Emphasizing the feeling of exposedness to wind and weather in the Scottish Highlands in 2012 by focussing; and the open sky over Cape Cod a year later by using my fisheye.


Puerto de la Cruz (23 images in 5 chapters)

In the early afternoon, we arrived in our homebase, Puerto de la Cruz. In retrospective, we think this is one of the nicest towns on the island. The city center around the Plaza Charco has a vibrant life with a variety of restaurants and shopping places.

2013 - 3 images


Cape Cod (28 images in 3 chapters)

On this sunny summer day, we headed out to Cape Cod and spent the day at the beach.


White Mountains: Kancamagus Highway (109 images in 7 chapters)

Our first day took us westbound along Kancamagus Highway, where we stopped for a short hike up onto a ledge overlooking Swift River valley. We continued over the pass and on to Franconia Notch, where we walked through the Flume Gorge.


Spielberghaus (168 images in 4 chapters)

Together with Alex, Marie, Lenn and Frank in the Austrian Alps at the Spielberghaus, for a three-day mini-vacation. Although the weather could've been a bit better, we did get in one and a half days of down-hill mountainbiking. On Wednesday morning, when it was raining cats and dogs, we went to the Liechtensteinklamm (see also Frank's pictures).

2012 - 6 images


Aberdeen (194 images in 11 chapters)

Starting from the airport, we picked up our rental car, and started out (on the left side of the road!) towards the downtown area, where - after checking in to the hotel - we walked around exploring the area. We spent the second day mostly at the beach, walking along the high sand dunes, breathing in sea air and enjoying the sunshiny weather. On the morning of our third day, we started northbound, visiting old Aberdeen on the way.


Around Loch Ness (93 images in 9 chapters)

Staying at the awesome Ballindarroch Country House, we toured Loch Ness and its surroundings, heading southwards from its location near Inverness towards Fort Augustus, where we crossed the Caledonian Canal, and back up north on the opposite side, past the Monster Center, and with a detour to the Glen Affric for some hiking. Loch Ness unfortunately is only a big lake.


Boat ride (32 images in 3 chapters)

After we had some Tarte flambée for lunch, we decided to go on a boat tour in on the Rhine river around the Breisach port.


Rothorn (135 images in 8 chapters)

The last day began at the Rothorn gondola valley station, where we rode up the mountain half-way. From there, we started our hike towards to the Parpaner Rothorn at an elevation of 2899 m.


Kölner Dom @ Night (Image strip with 7 images)

The Cologne Cathedral at around half past nine in the evening. Originally taken during our weekend stay in Cologne on a mid October weekend.


Jan's birthday (63 images in 4 chapters)

Up on the Feldberg, the highest mountain in the area (and high enough to have snow on its slopes) with Sophie, Jan, Ingrid, Luke, Jasmina, Peter and Isabelle for sledding.

2011 - 3 images


Byala (57 images in 5 chapters)

The weekend at the Byala Beach Resort, relaxing at the poolside, swimming in the black sea, reading books, socializing and enjoying the wilder parts of the party in the evening.


Cap Méchant (91 images in 7 chapters)

Driving down south to the Cap Méchant ("the malicious cape") in cloudy and windy (but nonetheless warm) weather. On the way back, we thought of visiting Entre-Deux but turned around after landing in a rain shower (and decided to come back later).


The trip back (57 images in 10 chapters)

After having handed back the apartment to the landlord, we walked down to beach in La Saline Les Bains once more, and headed back to the airport where our flight was scheduled for the evening. On our way we visited the reminder of the Chemin de fer de La Réunion and Saint-Denis' downtown area and waterfront walk.

2010 - 3 images


Tour de Mallorca, day 1 (71 images in 6 chapters)

We rented a car for three days from a local place in Colňnia Sant Jordi - our first tour taking us through the eastern part of Majorca - Santanyí - S'horta - Porto Cristo (seeing the "Dragon Caves" there) - Cala Millor - Capdepera, and back via Artŕ - Manacor and Felanitx (the "x" is pronounced like "sh" in "shoe").


Tour de Mallorca, day 3 (84 images in 5 chapters)

On the third and last day of our island tour we went to see the city of Palma, the "La Seu" cathedral, the old downtown area with literally hundreds of narrow alleys, and the other end of the "Ferrocarril de Sóller" historic train.


Thanksgiving (61 images in 5 chapters)

Thanksgiving at the Friebe-Remington house in snowy Waldshut, with Ingrid, Jan, Anna, Sarah, Tobi, Isabelle, Felix, Suzanne, Bernd and me.

2009 - 4 images


Saturday: Calma (105 images in 11 chapters)

Saturday, still feeling the long night out, we went on a sightseeing walk through Barcelona, seeing its old town (again, but by daylight), lively market halls, the port and the beach (where we stopped to relax and drink some cocktails in the sun). We did go out again in the evening - not for long though - to catch the flight back we'd have to get up at 6 in the morning.


Schaffhausen (147 images in 6 chapters)

A day's trip to Schaffhausen and the Rhine fall.


Brenden (48 images in 6 chapters)

Spending a weekend with friends in Brenden, a small town near the Schluchsee in the black forest.


San Luis Obispo (100 images in 7 chapters)

We had planned for two overnights in Santa Maria, so we went out exploring the region, starting with the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes and spending a lazy afternoon at Avila beach (about 15 km northeast of more well-known Grover Beach).

2008 - 5 images


Walk to the Rhine (17 images in 3 chapters)

Walk to the Rhine river starting from the tram #5 stop Rheinhafen, past the windmills and the Knielinger lake and up to Maximiliansau, with Isabelle, Alex and Kerstin on an extroadinarily warm late February sunday.
Alex' pictures are here.


Friday: Downtown Dubai (57 images in 8 chapters)

A day's trip to Dubai, starting at the newly opened Dubai mall, driving along the "Jumeira First" beach, to stop and leasure-walk around Dubai Marina.


Thursday, first day: Sharjah (25 images in 4 chapters)

After having slept in to adjust to local time and while waiting for Julia to return from school we stepped outside and walked around near her apartment, which is located right off Al Khaled lagoon in the city of Sharjah.


Jumeira public beach (42 images in 2 chapters)

2007 - 6 images


Lake Constance (76 images in 4 chapters)

A day's trip to Lake Constance ("Bodensee" in German) with Isabelle, Frank and Alex.


Ettlingen (53 images in 3 chapters)

Strolling through Ettlingen with Alex and Jan.


Albtal (26 images in 2 chapters)

Hiking through the Alb valley to the Höllbach waterfalls with my family while on visit with them. Started playing with long exposure shots of flowing water at daylight time and wished I'd had more time to experiment.


Impressions (32 images in 2 chapters)

Inspired by Matthias' (a work colleague of ours) idea on taking pictures of "What does Karlsruhe mean to you?", some impressions of how I view my hometown.


Cold ice (Featured image)

A melting ice cube - taken for a photography assignment with the topic "Water".

2006 - 17 images


Out exploring again (42 images in 4 chapters)

A two and a half hour walk from the Rheinstrandbad (end of westbound #6) via Rheinstetten-Forchheim, past the Neue Messe and to the Rheinstrandsiedlung on a sunny early summer afternoon.


Oberwaldsee (11 images in 2 chapters)

Out in the Oberwald again (March 2006, November 2005 and May 2005) - there's always something new to find there:)
This time a year ago we attended my sister's graduation and I had started moving out of Essenweinstraße.


Alongside the Alb river (24 images in 3 chapters)

Walk through the Günther Klotz park area and westwards alongside the Alb river. It was hot on that day (as it has been on every day for the past couple of weeks), being around water made the temperature more bearable and also offered some good motives.
Crossed the Karlsruhe zoo via the bridge that spans it on the way and captured their elephants outside in the heat (which must feel homy for them).


Alona Beach (66 images in 3 chapters)

In and around the Alona Kew White Beach Resort on Panglao Island.


Tour of Bohol (77 images in 7 chapters)

A tour of the Bohol island, including the Legazpi blood compact memorial in Tagbilaran, the Chocolate hills, a Tarsier place, and the Loboc River.


Kawasan falls (55 images in 4 chapters)

A day trip to the Kawasan Waterfalls, with beautiful bluegreen water.
Tet also has some Kawasan pictures at FlickR.


Moalboal Beach (22 images in 4 chapters)

On the way back from the Kawasan waterfalls, we stopped for food and relaxation at Moalboal's public beach.


Singapore (139 images in 10 chapters)

On the way to the Philippines, me, my sister, my mom and dad had a three days stopover in Singapore, of which only one and a half were actually useable due to jet lag and the flight to Cebu being early Thursday morning.


Day #3) Ospizio Bernina (105 images in 8 chapters)

Took the train up to the top of the Bernina Pass (2053 meters above sea level) and hiked down towards Alp Grüm on its southern side. Shortly before reaching the train station there, we had a wonderful view down into the Poschiavo valley more than 1000 meters below.


Day #2) Pontresina - St. Moritz (16 images in 3 chapters)

On this rather cloudy day we decided to take a rather short hike from Pontresina to St. Moritz, past the "Lej Stax" and and upland moor.


Day #4) Via Engiadina (73 images in 6 chapters)

Our hike along the "Via Engiadina" started out in Silvaplana and lead us past Alp Grevasalvas towards Maloja. We just made it to the bus stop there before a thunderstorm started, despite the sun shine we'd had all day long - the weather can really change fast in the Alps:)


Visit to Ittersbach (21 images in 2 chapters)

A walk through snowy Ittersbach and its surroundings, on which I got my first chance to play with my new 55-200 lens.

2005 - 5 images


WWW e.V. (41 images in 2 chapters)

On Sunday, my dad, Jan, Isabelle and me walked down to the rowing club of Waldshut, the "Wassersport Verein". In the past year, they have rebuilt their boathouse, a project my dad was involved in wholeheartedly.


Splash! (Featured image)

Three out of over two hundred pictures I shot trying to capture water drops in the moment they touch the surface came out the way I wanted them to, this is one of them.


Sunny afternoon (39 images in 3 chapters)

Out for a stroll around the Friedrichsplatz and the Nymphengarten with Isabelle, Yvonne and Alex.


Zoo (37 images in 3 chapters)

A walk through the Karlsruhe Zoo, experimenting with the new camera.


Indian summer (7 images in 2 chapters)

Some last beautiful days this late in the summer, but the leaves are already falling (even inside the "ECE" mall, as the one highlight with the leaves on glass depicts) and it is getting colder, making the bar at the Kap with its warm ambience feel like a place you want to go to (and stay at) when it's raining and windy outside.