Dialog - Bucharest 2005

05.12.2005 - 12.12.2005 @ (7 Ansichten)

Business trip to Bucharest, Romania for one week.

The trip back

Our flight, which was supposed to leave Bucharest at 09:20 in the morning, was first delayed due to technical problems and then finally cancelled; the passengers being re-booked on flight 311 to Frankfurt via Munich at 15:25. We got to see a nice sunset from the airplane, though:)

Downtown Bucharest

A stroll through the downtown area of Bucharest with George, a friend of his, George's girlfriend, Georgeana and 2 * Alex on a sunny but chilly sunday afternoon.

Schlund rules here tonight!

The winter party of the Romanian branch of Schlund+Partner. Includes some shots George made.

During and after work

Shots of us and the PHP team Romania going out to eat on Monday and a walk through a foggy Bucharest at night.