Dialog - Engadin

28.07.2006 - 03.08.2006 @ (Eine Ansicht)

Our vacation in the Engadin, a mountain valley in the south-eastern part of Switzerland.

The trip back

02.08.2006 @

The train trip back, with a stopover in Davos, via Zurich to Koblenz, where we got picked up by my sister Sarah, giving us a ride to Waldshut, where we stayed with my parents for a couple of days.

Day 5) Engadina Bassa

This trip took us to the Lower Engadin. Starting out in Ardez, we crossed the Inn River on a suspension bridge, walked past small towns cuddled into the mountainside, Tarasp Castle, through the Inn gorge and up to Scoul.

Day 4) Via Engiadina

Our hike along the "Via Engiadina" started out in Silvaplana and lead us past Alp Grevasalvas towards Maloja. We just made it to the bus stop there before a thunderstorm started, despite the sun shine we'd had all day long - the weather can really change fast in the Alps😉

Day 3) Ospizio Bernina

Took the train up to the top of the Bernina Pass (2053 meters above sea level) and hiked down towards Alp Grüm on its southern side. Shortly before reaching the train station there, we had a wonderful view down into the Poschiavo valley more than 1000 meters below.

Day 2) Pontresina - St. Moritz

On this rather cloudy day we decided to take a rather short hike from Pontresina to St. Moritz, past the "Lej Stax" and and upland moor.

Day 1) Morteratsch Glacier

28.07.2006 @

Hike up to the Morteratsch Glacier through the "Val Morteratsch". Takes a little less than an hour to get there from the train stop where the glacier used to end, it has since receeded almost two kilometers.

La Punt

The vacation home we stayed in was located in La Punt-Chamues-Ch, about a 15 minutes drive away from St. Moritz and very conveniently directly next to the train station, from where we started all of our day trips.