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27.07.2016 - 30.07.2016 @ (3 Ansichten)

Back in march, my sister and her partner Patrick started their family with the birth of their son Matti. To celebrate this, they'd invited friends and family to visit and spend time with them. I decided to travel to Lausanne Tuesday after work and stayed until Sunday.


30.07.2016 @

On Saturday, Sarah and Patrick had rented the big room in the Arboretum in Aubonne. We came there in the early afternoon for coffee. There was a big buffet and BBQ later on. There was a Tischfußball tournament during the entire evening, which Sarah and Patrick won.

Château de Chillon

On Friday, we took a steam boat from Lausanne to the Chillon Castle. The castle is a sightworthy location offering a suprisingly long tour - it doesn't look nearly as big from the outside! With absolutely gorgeous weather, we spent the early afternoon at a small beach right next to the castle before walking to Montreux and catching a train back from there.

Gruyères avec le chemin de fer MOB

On Thursday, Sarah and Patrick had planned a day's trip to the small town of Gruyères. To get there, you need to take the Montreux–Oberland Bernois railway from Montreux (called the "train du chocolat") which takes you winding its way up throught the vineyards and finally passing through a tunnel high up above Lake Geneva into the Saane valley. After lunch (with lots of cheese, of couse), we strolled around the small town, enjoying the awesome weather and picturesque scenery. On out way back, we visited the Cailler chocolate museum in a small town called Broc.

Musée Olympique

On Wednesday, we met up around lunchtime with our American relatives and started out by walking along the lakeside towards the Olympic Museum. It's a well-done exhibit, albeit a bit expensive. After that, we walked down the Quai d'Ouchy until we found a spot where we could go swimming.