Dialog - Philippinen

01.09.2006 - 06.09.2006 @ (Eine Ansicht)

Visiting Jan in the Philippines, where he has been working for 1&1 for the past half year.

Alona Beach

In and around the Alona Kew White Beach Resort on Panglao Island.

Tour of Bohol

A tour of the Bohol island, including the Legazpi blood compact memorial in Tagbilaran, the Chocolate hills, a Tarsier place, and the Loboc River.

Moalboal Beach

On the way back from the Kawasan waterfalls, we stopped for food and relaxation at Moalboal's public beach.

Kawasan falls

A day trip to the Kawasan Waterfalls, with beautiful bluegreen water. Tet also has some Kawasan pictures at FlickR.

Cebu City

Shots of Cebu City, including Magellan's Cross, Colon Street, Fort San Pedro and the Taoist temples; and what characterizes downtown: traffic, side alley markets, overhead wiring, jeepneys, motorcycles, bikes, thousands of little shops and hot humid air.